The next 2 photos are from Christy Scott.

Command Pitch and Putt, Camp Field, collins Barracks, Cork, late 1960's

 Standing; L to r, Joe sunderland, Denis OBrien, George Curling, - -, - -, Christy Scott, Joe Ryan, Ned Regan,

George OKeefffe RIP, - -, Tim ODonovan, - -, Denis Leahy. Seated Victor Aston, Pat McNamara, Des Hassey,

Mick Leahy, Denis Ward.

Command Boxing, late 60's

Back Row, L to R, - -, Tex ORegan RIP, - -, Christy Scott, - -, - -, - -. Middle Row, L to R, Timmors McCarthy RIP,

 - -, - -, - -, Willie ODonoghue, - -, - -, Jimmy roach, - -, Punchy ODonnell RIP. Front Row L to R, - -, Pat the Rock OConnell, - -, - -, Col W Donagh OC S/Comd, John Doyle RIP, W Cassidy, J Mahon, - -.

Jim Bullman 3rd Left back row

Peter Greene RIP, Jimmy Cagney

Back Row, Jimmy Wall, - -
Jim Coyle RIP, - -, - -,
Middle, Foncie Franklin,
Paddy Carmody RIP, Kevin Hayes RIP,
George Butterfield RIP, Tex Regan RIP,
- -,
Front, - -, - -, - -, - -, Knock ODonnell, -

12 Bn Inter Firm, S Kennedy, A Tier RIP,
- Purcell, Pa Roche RIP, = McNamara, M
Kennedy, B Mulcahy, Front, M Sheedy,
C Ryan RIP, M Hannon, M Fitzgerald,
- OLoughlin, G Healy

Foncie Franklin, 3rd left 2nd row.

Parade on the Barrack Square,  
Possibly Clonmel

Andy Hussey RIP, Hughie Ryan,
Ned Deedigan RIP,

This photo was taken in Sarsfield
Barracks after the withdrawal of
British Forces, Denis Carroll thinks
this was where the Petrol Pump was
for many years.

Arthur Riordan Flag Bearer 1966,
50th Anniversary of Rising

Barney Goulding Escorting Officer,
6th from left Christy Earls RIP,

Bn Hurling Team


The Eastern Command never used their

Andy Tier RIP

Joe Gardiner RIP, Anthony Hyaes,
Cecil McMahon

Bill Mulcahy on right

Cmdt George Glendon inspecting B Coy
34th Bn Congo

Command Shoot Winners Ned Deedigan
Front Left, Bill Mulcahy 3rd Front Left

CS Paddy Neill, Right Front Rank.

GOH for Cardinal

Haircut Time, Mathew Fitzgerald
front left, Dinny Walsh back left

Jimmy McMahon heading to the Congo

Jimmy Wall 2nd left back row

2nd Motor cycle Course Curragh Camp

Music for the Masses, Mick OBrien on
the right playing tin whistle

Ned Kenny, Christy Cole, Paddy Sinnott,
Fintan Moloney, Joe Dundon,
Tony OGrady, - - , - -, Bill Mulcahy. - -,

Eoin Lynch RIP, George Medley,
Nobby Clarke, Clonmel 1957

All Army Shooting Team 1947

Clarke Barracks Hurlers 1953

Pipe Band

Mick ODea RIP, Pat Watters Cork,
Gerry Thompson RIP

Relaxing in the Sun

Motorcycle Course, Curragh

Command Champs 1968,
Arthur ORiordan RIP, - ONeill,
Colum Ryan RIP, Bill Mulcahy,
John Doherty, B McGurk, - Grogan,
Eamon Moriarty RIP, - -,
Front - Cockburn, Willie Welton,
Tommy Hickey RIP, Joe Hyde RIP

Paddy ODonnell RIP, Sonny Deloughrey,
Noel Kelly

John Collopy

Comdt Mick OShea, Capt Harrold,
19th Group Cyprus

At back, Langer Hall, Pashy Donoghue,
Paddy Mullins, Dan Creamer,
Micky Squaw Mc. Mahon,
Walter O'Sullivan, Scotchy Hughes,
Raymond Hogan, Charlie Curran and
Noel Troy.

Presentations by ONE to various,
including Johnny Barry RIP,
Christy Bardini RIP.
Back row, Paddy OConnor RIP,
Tony Lynch RIP, Colm Doyle,
Vinny Lyons, Andy Murphy RIP,
Brendan Connolly, Willie Keane, - -, - -,
- -, Tom Gleeson RIP, Frank ORegan RIP,
Ollie Constable RIP, Dessie Hyde RIP, - -.
Front - -, Christy Bardini RIP,
Johnny Barry RIP, - -, - -, - -, - -, - -,