76 Bn: Nov 1994 to Apr 1995

The Mosque in Brashit during renovations.
Mick Woodland did not leave it like this when he changed the music with the 45th

Ned Coady, Connie Morrissey, Eddie Galvin, Frankie Quinlivan, Tom Grace, - -, Mick ODwyer, Jimmy ODonoghue, Mick Corbett


77 Bn: May 1995 to Oct 1995

Bullet Holes, Niall Gorey

Niall Gorey, Denis Walsh

Niall Gorey, Cushy Duty

78 Bn: Nov 1995 to Apr 1996

Tony Gardiner, Tommy Carroll RIP, Mark Somers, Frankie Quinlivan, Stephen OGrady RIP, Connie Morrissey

Frankie Quinlivan, Kiki Walsh, Nuts Daniels, Dessie OLoughlin, Seanie Cosgrave

79 Bn: May 1996 to Oct 1996

Group HQ, Pat Hinchy back row

Paul Fitzgerald on Pipes

Donal OSullivan RIP, Batsy Walsh

80 Bn: Nov 1996 to Apr 1997

81 Bn: May 1997 to Oct 1997

Tommy Carroll RIP, Mick OConnell

82 Bn: Nov 1997 to Apr 1998

83 Bn: May 1998 to Oct 1998

John Murray, Danny Carroll, Billy Butler, Joe Ryan, MJ Hogan, Eddie Coady, Chris McCarthy, John Corbett, Andy Tobin

84 Bn: Nov 1998 to Apr 1999

- -, Foxy Morrissey, John Thompson, Liam McMarlowe RIP, Mickey Devine, - -

Liam McMarlowe RIP, on a 60 Hour in Isreal

John Thompson, Mike Corbett.

Liam McMarlowe RIP

John Thompson, Liam McMarlowe RIP, Trp OHara, Mousey Hannon Jnr. On a 60 Hour

John Thompson, Liam McMarlowe RIP

Jock RIP, ready to serve up dinner

Liam McMarlowe RIP, John Thompson, Mike Corbett, COs lads.

Quarter Guard, Liam McMarlowe RIP, John Thompson, Mousey Hannon Jnr, - -.

Tommy Carroll RIP

Pln Photo, B Coy 84 Bn

John Thompson, Liam McMarlowe

Mick Corbett, John Thompson

85 Bn: May 1999 to Oct 1999

86 Bn: Nov 1999 to Apr 2000


87 Bn: May 2000 to Oct 2000

Frankie Quinlivan, Mick Gleeson, Pa Hogan


105 Bn

Group Photo, includes, Stan Hurley, John Thompson, Seanie Cosgrave

John Thompson, Seanie Cosgrave

John Thompson, Stan Hurley

Fitness Test Part 3, - Flaherty, John Thompson, Angela Aylmer

Rock Ryan, Seanie Cosgrave, Mick Hennessy

Bn Leprechaun Seanie

Stan Hurley, Greg Waters, Owen Mac

Stan Hurley makes another presentation