Rory ODonovan back row left. Gerry Purcell 2nd right back row.

PJ Cusack RIP, Sean Foley B/Gen D Byrne, Mick Rouine RIP, Gerry Mitchell, Pat Curtin RIP, Tony Canning, A Coy 14th Bn visit

Angeline McDonnell

Richard Touhy, Willie Frawley, Denise Shaw, Angelina McDonell, - -

Photo of 14th Bn Bren Gun Team, Bull Callaghan RIP, with trophy. any other names.

4th from right Gerry Williams, 3rd from r, Butcher OGrady, 2nd from r, Ber Gibney RIP.

Angelina McDonnell, Bronwen Anglin, Denise Shaw,

Denise Shaw, Angeline McDonnell

3rd ACck Ack, Front Johnny Cantillon, Pat McNamara, - -, Fintan Molowney RIP, --, Paddy Doyle,

14 Bn Cadre night out

FCA Cadres GOCs

Medics Camp Lahinch

Paddy Mac,

Medics on Camp

Jimmy Clancy with the new way for giving injections

Jim Kemmy starts the Medics Bed Push

Leading the Parade


Fort Camden

Billy Fisher, Pat Hinchey

Cadres on GOCs

Golly Collins

Jimmy Clancy, Pat Hinchey

Justin and Paddy

Kieran Lynch, Mervyn Ambrose

ONE on Parade

Medics in Gaway

Togsie Cunneen and Jimmy Clancy

Togsie Cuneen, Pius McGrath, Donal OSullivan RIP

Johnny Cantillon, - -, Brendan Kennedy, Pat McNamara, Bernard Scaw McCarthy RIP,  front right

Lt John Keane, Joe Kennedy, Gerry Irwin, Mick OReilly

Johnny McCormack

Gerry Irwin RIP, Joe Kennedy, John Keane, Mick OReilly RIP

3rd Ack Ack